Early detection, home health screening kit for dogs and cats

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“ThePetCheckup is one of the most innovative and empowering new products on the market. It allows YOU to detect problems at an early stage and gives YOUR VETERINARIAN a headstart in treatment. I recommend using ThePetCheckup every month along with routine veterinary visits.”

— Dr. Allen Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.
Veterinarian for 25 years. Author of “Kindred Spirits” and “Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing”

Why does my dog or cat need ThePetCheckup?

Because in 4 easy steps, you can give your animal friend, your veterinarian and yourself the life-saving advantage of early detection.

It is always better to prevent a disease, or to catch it early, than to have to treat it at a later stage.

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Now there is something you can do in addition to routine veterinary care to protect the good health of your dogs and cats.
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Petnostics AppNEW digital version is now available. This new technology works on all iOS devices with free App.
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  • 5 minutes — once a month — 4 easy steps
  • This is a fantastic product which has alerted me to health problems before they were really noticeable, has guided me in the post-op care of my dog, and has aided me in communicating with my veterinarians. Thank you.”
    – M. Andrews-Kulis
       Elon, NC


6 complete tests*

Simple instruction guide

Easy to read results


Plus 2 free tests= 8 tests

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Complete Kit $29.95
Refills $15.95

We’re providing 2 extra free tests in our kit… 8 tests instead of 6… So you can feel comfortable getting to know our product. After your first test you will feel like a pro.
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