Early detection, home health screening kit for dogs and cats

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Wishing good health to you and your animal companions, Bev

The Story of ThePetCheckup™

  1. How This Home Health Screen for Dogs and Cats Came About by Bev Allen

Catching Illnesses Early Makes All the Difference

  1. Early Detection — The Best Tool in Your Detective Kit for Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy by Bev Allen
  2. Could Your Dog or Cat Be At Risk for Kidney Disease? by Bev Allen
  3. Early Detection — Veterinarians Say It‘s Their Best Treatment Tool by Bev Allen

Who are ThePetCheckup Customers?

  1. A General Profile of our Customers by Bev Allen

Understanding the Urine Reagent Test Strip

  1. The Significance of Timing in Reading the Test Results by Bev Allen

Helping Homeless Animals

  1. Any Cat Will Tell You, “Neuter your Dog!”
    Any dog will tell you, “Fix your Feline!”
    Creating a nation of no more homeless pets by Bev Allen

Sharing Our Life With An Animal Companion

  1. Forgotten Angels by Sharon Callahan
  2. What You Can Do When Your Animal Friend is Dying by Bev Allen

Dog Training: Enhancing the Bond We Share

  1. Your Dog is Barking. Are You Listening? by Sue Pearson
  2. Those Who Play Together, Stay Together by Sue Pearson
  3. Kids and Dogs: Parental Guidance Required by Sue Pearson







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