Flannel hits the Cape Cod beaches

We walked Lily and her friend Flannel on the beach this morning. Flannel is a beautiful black lab who (of course) loves the water. It was quite warm this morning on the Cape, so we let Flannel go in and out of the water (Lily is not a swimmer) to her heart’s delight.

Afterwards, Flannie had a nice shower and both dogs had a good nap in the living room.

Flannie has also exhibited quite a talent for finding tennis balls. She has an inner radar that allows her to sense when they are under a bush or hidden along a trail. If they are right out in the open, she is not interested….too easy.

She is a wonderful role-model for everything that is fabulous about this breed. There are so many of them in shelters and I can see how hard that must be for them. They love adventure and they love people. (They love their breakfast and dinner too!)

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