Adopted rescue dogs making news

I have been seeing more stories about adoption of rescue dogs making the news lately…tv, online etc….it’s wonderful to see. I hope it continues and grows.

Went onto the website at lunch today and there were 2 stories!One was about Robert Pattinson and his rescue dog. The other a sad story about a family who brought a puppy to the states after their son was killed in Iraq.

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Cat diet canned vs. dry

Switching the dry cat food for canned has made such a difference in Chloe’s fur.  It used to be kind of heavy and almost yellowish in places (she is a white cat).  If I thought it would be possible, I often wanted to give her a bath.

Now that she has been on canned food though, there is such a change in the condition of her fur.  It is really white and fluffy!  She has really experienced some great changes with the new diet.

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