Collecting a urine sample from a cat

The best method I have found for collecting a urine sample from a cat is to cover the top of the litter box with a plastic bag.  Just lay the un-opened bag over the top. Those white garbage bags work great.  Your cat may wonder what is going on at first, but they willwuickly feel the litter under their paws and proceed.

When they are finished, just use the dropper and take a few dropperfulls for the test…remember you only need 10 drops for ThePetCheckup test.

Let me know how this works for you.  Tomorrow I’ll have a suggestion if you  want to use non-absorb cat “litter”.

But I have done many tests with the plastic bag method (actually Chloe and Kate are so used to it now, that I just hold some plastic under their butts when they are peeing) and have found it to be quite simple.  Remember to have a calm, matter of fact attitude when collecting urine for the test.  Your cats will pick up if you are feeling anxious about it.

Another hint in the beginning it to collect the sample right after you have changed the cat pan.  Kitties love fresh litter and will often use the pan as soon as it is full of clean litter.

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