Proactive pet owners use at home urine kit for their pets

It’s always fun talking with our customers…they are so knowledgeable about their animals’ healthcare.

I just looked up some synonyms for the word  “proactive” and found:

farseeing, farsighted, forward-looking, visionary, and forethoughtful (I didn’t know that was a word, but I think I would like to start using it in sentences).

Nice way to describe our customers!  It’s great to be associated with people who take such good care of their dogs and cats.

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Home urine test kit for pets includes dropper and desiccant

Each of our sealed tests includes a dropper and a desiccant.  That means you have everything you need (other than your dog or cat!) and a urine sample to do your test.

It is actually quite simple.  Just place a drop on each of the 10 reagents and wait the appropriate number of seconds and compare with the results chart.  You will feel super comfortable with it after your first test.

Right now we are shipping tests with an expiration date of 6/2014. The expiration dates have never been an issue since we are always shipping them with dates pretty far off into the future.  We do recommend that you buy the 24-refill pack when you have more than one animal to test.  Although some people like to do the tests more often, which of course is fine too…especially if there has been a recent health concern.

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