Monthly home urine testing of your pet provides helpful information to your veterinarian

Something that we often say when talking about ThePetCheckup is that we hope that our customers never find an imbalance in the monthly tests. And that the peace of mind in doing these tests each month is invaluable.

I have experienced this many times with Chloe and Kate when all their test results are in the negative/normal range. It’s a mixture of feelings: deeper closeness with them, gratefulness to be able to do these tests, and appreciation for the additional knowledge that the tests provide.

Any information that we can provide our veterinarians about what occurs in between routine health appointments is significant. Whether it is that there were no abnormal values at all, an occasional trace value, or something more significant.  It is extremely helpful for vets to know what has been going on health wise since they last saw your animal.

It provides an important key to the overall picture of your animal’s health.



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