Animal lovers sharing the love

There have been some great animal-related stories circulating on the web this past month.

It’s been really inspiring to read all the beautiful comments and feedback that are being written.  So many wonderful people in the world doing great things for animals and people and it’s pretty powerful when many of them come together to support each other.

Here are 2 of my favorites:  The story of John Unger  and his beloved 19 year old German Shepherd mix Schoep.  You can read all about them (if you haven’t already) at

The second one is about the rescue of dog Missy (now renamed Lucky) who’s person left her on a Colorado mountain.  She survived 8 days with no food or water and was rescued by 8 beautiful souls who hiked up to save her.  One of them will be her new forever home. You can read about Missy/Lucky here:

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