More testimonials from using home urine test for dogs and cats

We received a very nice testimonial from a new customer in New Zealand today.

There are so many benefits to catching an imbalance before you can see any outward signs of illness.

“I have to say ThePetCheckup is worth its weight in gold already! I checked my dogs over the weekend, and if it wasn’t for the ThePetCheckup, I wouldn’t have known my girl has a terrible infection. The test showed blood protein and white blood cells so I was able to get a urine sample to the lab. Thank you.” N.D., New Zealand

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Being proactive with your dog and cat’s healthcare has big rewards for everyone

masthead_bevThe most common illness that dog and cat owners find with ThePetCheckup is urinary infections. ThePetCheckup has helped many of our customers treat these infections before they noticed the usual outward symptoms (inappropriate peeing, blood, etc.). Early detection means easier, more effective treatments, less pain for your pet, and less costly veterinary bills for you. Urinary tract infections can occur in dogs or cats of any age.

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