Practicing preventative health for your dogs and cats

Another wonderful testimonial for our product!
“I discovered your product several years ago from the owner of a doggy daycare facility in Houston, and found it brilliant.
Our company is all about empowering people to help their animals and to teach them modalities that they can do on their own.
ThePetCheckup gave me the peace of mind to know my babies are in balance and all is well. We believe in a holistic and Eastern approach, which is prevention and balance, and ThePetCheckup falls right into that philosophy.allisonculver
I have been able to adjust my cat’s diet by doing the check-ups monthly and prevent bladder issues and boost her kidneys — thank you!!!

We would love for all of our students and clients to know about ThePetCheckup. Thank you again for creating and providing this amazing product.”

Allison Culver, The Lightfoot Way, TX

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At home urine test for pets : SHARK TANK

“Your product saved my dog’s life”

Recently voted “one of the top 10 Pet Products to ever have been seen on Shark Tank”

When we developed ThePetCheckup several years ago, we knew that it was a revolutionary new product that would help many animals to live longer and healthier lives. We knew that being able to detect potential problems at home before symptoms appeared would open up a whole new level of care for pet caregivers. Our veterinary consultants recommended that people test their pets once a month in addition to regular veterinary visits to catch potential problems at an early stage.

What we didn’t realize was how deeply fulfilling it would be to hear our customers personal stories. Some people told us it was a lifesaver. And when we received letters telling us that a dog or cat has passed on and that ThePetCheckup helped them live longer, well….there really aren’t any words to express how good that feels.

And now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users the same test is being made available to you in a patented technology that is as easy to use as ThePetCheckup. Your choice which style suits you. The test is the same.

Recently Forbes magazine called the Petnostics smart phone version “one of the top 10 Pet Products ever shown on Shark Tank”

Stay tuned for the Shark Tank video presentation which I will post shortly.

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