Regular home urine testing helps dog with recurring Urinary Tract Infections

“I am delighted to give a review on ThePetCheckup!! Our Whippet Fiona was continually getting UTI’s. The Vet said it could partially be due to her having such a tiny bladder.

I have taken her back for her shots, and told them about ThePetCheckup. They said it’s just like what they use in their office. They were glad to know that we are keeping a check on her so we can catch a problem early, should it arise again. If we have any doubts, like thinking her urine looks a little dark, or any kinds of questionable signs, we go ahead and do another test, even if it hasn’t been a month.

So far, she has not had any more problems in relation to a UTI, but it gives us such peace of mind to be able to check it ourselves. PLUS, it has saved us a lot of money by not taking her to the Vet every time we wonder if there is a problem. We order refills every time we get close to the end of the kit and we plan to do so for as long as we have our dog.

I highly recommend ThePetCheckup to anyone who has pets with problems or just plain cares about their pet to get yourself a kit. It doesn’t have to be just for UTI problems, because it screens for many other diseases as well. It’s well worth it to find out in advance if your pet is developing a health issue that you can catch early and get them the care they need.

It’s reasonably priced and easy to do!! Thank you ThePetCheckup for giving us the resources to keep such a close watch on Fiona!” fiona

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Dog and Cat Chronic health conditions make your pet susceptible to secondary illnesses

~~MiletestimonThis recent testimonial (below) highlights how important it is to practice preventative healthcare for pets who have a chronic illness which makes them more susceptible to infections and other diseases.
Using ThePetCheckup monthly will enable you to see if there are any other health concerns to be aware of. And catching a potential problem before symptoms appear will be the best means for an easier and more successful outcome. ~~

I just wanted to let you know how much I love this product!
Mile, my Chihuahua has diabetes and to know if his glucose is elevated because of an infection is so important.
Having this test keeps me alert to any problems before they get worse. It is easy to use.
I highly recommend this product to others.
High quality, great instructions with photos and low price.
Ann L. and Mile

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Beware peanut butter containing xylitol for dogs

Now there are even more reasons to be vigilant about reading labels on treats you give your dog.

There have been several recent warnings concerning certain brands of peanut butter that contain xylitol as a sweetener.

Although considered safe for people to consume, xylitol is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. Even a very small amount can cause hypoglycemia, a dangerous drop in blood sugar. Outward symptoms are: weakness, disorientation, and seizures. Emergency medical treatment is needed at this point.

Many candies and chewing gums contain xylitol as well, so be careful if your dog likes to dig through your purse (Gus, are you listening??) or scavenger around the house.

An easy solution is to make your own salt free, xylitol free peanut butter. Your pup will thank you for it!

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More testimonials from using home urine test for dogs and cats

We received a very nice testimonial from a new customer in New Zealand today.

There are so many benefits to catching an imbalance before you can see any outward signs of illness.

“I have to say ThePetCheckup is worth its weight in gold already! I checked my dogs over the weekend, and if it wasn’t for the ThePetCheckup, I wouldn’t have known my girl has a terrible infection. The test showed blood protein and white blood cells so I was able to get a urine sample to the lab. Thank you.” N.D., New Zealand

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Being proactive with your dog and cat’s healthcare has big rewards for everyone

masthead_bevThe most common illness that dog and cat owners find with ThePetCheckup is urinary infections. ThePetCheckup has helped many of our customers treat these infections before they noticed the usual outward symptoms (inappropriate peeing, blood, etc.). Early detection means easier, more effective treatments, less pain for your pet, and less costly veterinary bills for you. Urinary tract infections can occur in dogs or cats of any age.

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Home urine test for dogs and testimonial

Another wonderful testimonial from a customer in Canada:

“I have had the opportunity to check the results from ThePetCheckup for my dog, Miss Bailey, against the same urine sample taken to our vet and the results were identical! What a great tool to have for any pet owner. I highly recommend this product and have, to many of my friends.
Our vet also likes that we had this kit too, so we could keep records.
Thanks for a great product and super service!
J.Smith, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is Miss Bailey

This is Miss Bailey

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A note from ThePetCheckup: new method to test your pet’s urine

A note from ThePetCheckup:

When we developed ThePetCheckup several years ago, we knew that it was a revolutionary new product that would help many animals to live longer and healthier lives. We knew that being able to detect potential problems at home before symptoms appeared would open up a whole new level of care for pet caregivers. Our veterinary consultants recommended that people test their pets once a month in addition to regular veterinary visits to catch potential problems at an early stage.

What we didn’t realize was how deeply fulfilling it would be to hear our customers personal stories. Some people told us it was a lifesaver. And when we received letters telling us that a dog or cat has passed on and that ThePetCheckup helped them live longer, well….there really aren’t any words to express how good that feels.

And now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users the same test is being made available to you in a patented technology that is as easy to use as ThePetCheckup. Your choice which style suits you. The test is the same.

As always, we love to hear how our products are helping you care for your dogs and cats.

Wishing good health to you and your animal companions!

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More info on the new iOS method to test your pet’s urine

A customer asked us today if the urine cups for the iOS home test version are reusable.

Technically, they are. But each cup comes with a test strip embedded in the lid, so you do need to use a new test each time. The cup and test strip/lid come packaged together in each test.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the new product. It’s wonderful to be able to offer 2 versions now of our early detection test for dogs and cats.

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Home urine test for dogs and cat now in digital format

We are very pleased to announce that our customers now have an additional way to test their animal’s urine at home.

Our ThePetCheckup kit has helped 1000’s of people to keep their dogs and cats healthy, and is now available in a digital format for iOS users (and soon for Android users).  You can read more about the product at

Both tests use identical test strips — it’s your preference which test you prefer.

Being more pro-active with your animal’s health care means catching potential problems at an early stage– before symptoms appear.  If needed, you can get veterinary care when the problem is easier to treat, less costly, and has a more successful outcome.

We invite you to check out ThePetCheckup if you haven’t already and learn about our new product as well.





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When “head pressing” can be a sign of a serious illness

I don’t think I have ever seen a dog or a cat do this with their head, but I thought it was good information for us all to be aware of.

They call it “head pressing”….but it is not to be confused with an animal butting their head against a person as a sign of affection.

This head pressing is a sign that the animal and sick and should be seen by a veterinarian right away.  There are several causes and with all illnesses, it’s always best to catch things at an early stage.

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