Being proactive with your dog and cat’s healthcare has big rewards for everyone

masthead_bevThe most common illness that dog and cat owners find with ThePetCheckup is urinary infections. ThePetCheckup has helped many of our customers treat these infections before they noticed the usual outward symptoms (inappropriate peeing, blood, etc.). Early detection means easier, more effective treatments, less pain for your pet, and less costly veterinary bills for you. Urinary tract infections can occur in dogs or cats of any age.

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Home urine test for dogs and testimonial

Another wonderful testimonial from a customer in Canada:

“I have had the opportunity to check the results from ThePetCheckup for my dog, Miss Bailey, against the same urine sample taken to our vet and the results were identical! What a great tool to have for any pet owner. I highly recommend this product and have, to many of my friends.
Our vet also likes that we had this kit too, so we could keep records.
Thanks for a great product and super service!
J.Smith, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is Miss Bailey

This is Miss Bailey

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A note from ThePetCheckup: new method to test your pet’s urine

A note from ThePetCheckup:

When we developed ThePetCheckup several years ago, we knew that it was a revolutionary new product that would help many animals to live longer and healthier lives. We knew that being able to detect potential problems at home before symptoms appeared would open up a whole new level of care for pet caregivers. Our veterinary consultants recommended that people test their pets once a month in addition to regular veterinary visits to catch potential problems at an early stage.

What we didn’t realize was how deeply fulfilling it would be to hear our customers personal stories. Some people told us it was a lifesaver. And when we received letters telling us that a dog or cat has passed on and that ThePetCheckup helped them live longer, well….there really aren’t any words to express how good that feels.

And now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users the same test is being made available to you in a patented technology that is as easy to use as ThePetCheckup. Your choice which style suits you. The test is the same.

As always, we love to hear how our products are helping you care for your dogs and cats.

Wishing good health to you and your animal companions!

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More info on the new iOS method to test your pet’s urine

A customer asked us today if the urine cups for the iOS home test version are reusable.

Technically, they are. But each cup comes with a test strip embedded in the lid, so you do need to use a new test each time. The cup and test strip/lid come packaged together in each test.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the new product. It’s wonderful to be able to offer 2 versions now of our early detection test for dogs and cats.

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Home urine test for dogs and cat now in digital format

We are very pleased to announce that our customers now have an additional way to test their animal’s urine at home.

Our ThePetCheckup kit has helped 1000’s of people to keep their dogs and cats healthy, and is now available in a digital format for iOS users (and soon for Android users).  You can read more about the product at

Both tests use identical test strips — it’s your preference which test you prefer.

Being more pro-active with your animal’s health care means catching potential problems at an early stage– before symptoms appear.  If needed, you can get veterinary care when the problem is easier to treat, less costly, and has a more successful outcome.

We invite you to check out ThePetCheckup if you haven’t already and learn about our new product as well.





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When “head pressing” can be a sign of a serious illness

I don’t think I have ever seen a dog or a cat do this with their head, but I thought it was good information for us all to be aware of.

They call it “head pressing”….but it is not to be confused with an animal butting their head against a person as a sign of affection.

This head pressing is a sign that the animal and sick and should be seen by a veterinarian right away.  There are several causes and with all illnesses, it’s always best to catch things at an early stage.

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your dog or cat’s pH

The pH value on the urine test strip tells you how acidic or alkaline your pet’s urine is.

7.0 is considered neutral.  Any reading below that indicates acidity, while a number greater than 7.0 indicates alkalinity.

Most normal dogs and cats will have a pH reading between 6.0 and 7.0 ( a little on the acidic side).

However, for some pets, higher or lower values may be normal, so it is important to record the results and see if there are any changes over time.

Diet can affect the test results.  For example: a high protein meat based diet will have acidic urine.

Watching these values over time can also predict possible formation of stones and urinary tract infections.

Certain types of crystals and stones are more likely to form in an acidic environment, others in a more alkaline environment.

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What if you find blood in your dog or cat’s urine?

Healthy dogs and cats should register “negative” on the blood parameter.

If your test reveals any higher values no matter how small, it should be looked into further.  There are several conditions that can cause this – the most common being a urinary tract infection.  Although quite common, UTI’s  can still be potentially serious if allowed to develop further.

Although it may be initially scary to see a positive result on the  blood parameter, the best time to get treatment for UTI’s and any other conditions is at an early stage..before your animal is showing outward signs of illness.

Blood may even appear in your dog’s urine if s/he has been chewing on a stick which can irritate the digestive lining.

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What is the specific gravity reading on your pet’s urine test?

The specific gravity (SG) reading on your urinalysis test is a measurement of the ratio of the urine to the weight of an equal volume of water.  It is a reflection of the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine.

Your dog and cat’s specific gravity will vary throughout the day.  With exercise and no intake of water, the urine becomes more concentrated.

Normal readings are as follows:

cats:  1.015 to 1.060

dogs: 1.015 to 1.050

Dilute urine is on the left side of the color chart and becomes more concentrated as the values go up.

Consistent low levels of specific gravity can indicate diabetes insipidus, impaired kidney function, adrenal gland abnormalities as well as over consumption of water.

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Understanding pet urine home test: Glucose

Normally, food is converted into a form of sugar called glucose.  Cat and dog urine test results should be negative for glucose.

If the glucose in the blood is significantly higher than normal (for example in diabetes) some of the excess will be found in the urine.  Glucose levels may falsely appear elevated, so it is important to repeat any test results within 48 hours.

Increased levels of glucose may indicate diabetes, but there are several other diseases not related to diabetes that can cause glucose to spill into the urine.

If your test shows a positive result for glucose, you should take your dog or cat to your veterinarian for a glucose blood test.  Early detection is extremely important.

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