your dog or cat’s pH

The pH value on the urine test strip tells you how acidic or alkaline your pet’s urine is.

7.0 is considered neutral.  Any reading below that indicates acidity, while a number greater than 7.0 indicates alkalinity.

Most normal dogs and cats will have a pH reading between 6.0 and 7.0 ( a little on the acidic side).

However, for some pets, higher or lower values may be normal, so it is important to record the results and see if there are any changes over time.

Diet can affect the test results.  For example: a high protein meat based diet will have acidic urine.

Watching these values over time can also predict possible formation of stones and urinary tract infections.

Certain types of crystals and stones are more likely to form in an acidic environment, others in a more alkaline environment.

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What if you find blood in your dog or cat’s urine?

Healthy dogs and cats should register “negative” on the blood parameter.

If your test reveals any higher values no matter how small, it should be looked into further.  There are several conditions that can cause this – the most common being a urinary tract infection.  Although quite common, UTI’s  can still be potentially serious if allowed to develop further.

Although it may be initially scary to see a positive result on the  blood parameter, the best time to get treatment for UTI’s and any other conditions is at an early stage..before your animal is showing outward signs of illness.

Blood may even appear in your dog’s urine if s/he has been chewing on a stick which can irritate the digestive lining.

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What is the specific gravity reading on your pet’s urine test?

The specific gravity (SG) reading on your urinalysis test is a measurement of the ratio of the urine to the weight of an equal volume of water.  It is a reflection of the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine.

Your dog and cat’s specific gravity will vary throughout the day.  With exercise and no intake of water, the urine becomes more concentrated.

Normal readings are as follows:

cats:  1.015 to 1.060

dogs: 1.015 to 1.050

Dilute urine is on the left side of the color chart and becomes more concentrated as the values go up.

Consistent low levels of specific gravity can indicate diabetes insipidus, impaired kidney function, adrenal gland abnormalities as well as over consumption of water.

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Understanding pet urine home test: Glucose

Normally, food is converted into a form of sugar called glucose.  Cat and dog urine test results should be negative for glucose.

If the glucose in the blood is significantly higher than normal (for example in diabetes) some of the excess will be found in the urine.  Glucose levels may falsely appear elevated, so it is important to repeat any test results within 48 hours.

Increased levels of glucose may indicate diabetes, but there are several other diseases not related to diabetes that can cause glucose to spill into the urine.

If your test shows a positive result for glucose, you should take your dog or cat to your veterinarian for a glucose blood test.  Early detection is extremely important.

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Your dog or cat’s urinalysis test results

It is important to remember that your pet’s urinalysis test is not conclusive by itself, but can indicate that something is abnormal with your pet. An examination and possibly further testing by your veterinarian is needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Not every illness that can affect our dog’s and cat’s health can be seen on a urinalysis test, so always consult with your veterinarian if your animal is showing signs of illness or a change in behavior.

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your cat and Lyme disease

There is an interesting article in May 2014 Animal Wellness Magazine (I love this magazine) about cats and Lyme disease.

Most veterinarians (although not all) believe that cats do not get sick from Lyme disease when they have been exposed to it.  They can test positive for the disease but not develop symptoms.

Still, ticks carry other diseases – even some which can be fatal for cats, so it is important to protect your cat from ticks.  Keeping your cat  away from tall grass and wooded areas where ticks are more prevalent is important.

And keep their immune system strong with a diet of high quality food. For many of us, trying to get our cat to take supplements is a stressful and often unsuccessful experience.

Prevention is the best tonic!

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2014 Protecting your dog’s and cat’s health by being proactive

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

We hope 2014 brings you and your animal companions many Blessings and great Fulfillment.

It is wonderful to be connected to so many caring pet owners around the country.

And we look forward to hearing how our product is helping you to protect your dog’s and cat’s good health.

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Kidney infection in cats

If anyone has  a very “delicate” cat (my Chloe, for instance) you know that it is critical to keep their immune system strong.  A weakened immune system can be a contributing factor for a host of illnesses.

A main cause of kidney infections in cats is bacteria. A cat with a strong immune system will  eliminate the bacteria before it has a chance to grow and potentially spread to the bladder, kidneys or urethra.

In animals that are very young, older or have weakened immunity, the bacteria can grow quite quickly and become a serious illness.

Kidney infections can be a secondary disease when a primary disease already exists.

Most common symptoms:  inability to urinate, pain while urinating, loss of appetite, fatigue and blood in the urine.


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Justice for Puppy Doe and all animals

The horrifying case of Puppy Doe has triggered a huge response worldwide.  Many people have now committed themselves to working together to help prevent animal abuse.  And to strengthen the current laws against abusers.

There are many things that we can do and one site that is a good place to start to read up on related issues is the Animal Legal Defense Fund

There are several important petitions to support on the site too.

Puppy Doe has become a catalyst for change.  It is now up to us to create that change!




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Pet test strips special offer

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