Home urine test for pets helps keep dogs and cats healthy.

Testimonial from long-time customer in TX. We hope Pixie gets good news from the specialists:

By using ThePetCheckup regularly for several months and tracking the results, we saw that our dog Pixie frequently had varying amounts of blood in her urine although otherwise asymptomatic. This finally led us to seek additional opinions from specialists. As a result, we learned Pixie had not only bladder stones but also a growth in her bladder (polyps or bladder cancer-diagnosis pending). We regret we did not pay more attention to the test results earlier as to the “story” they were telling and get a 2nd opinion sooner. We will continue to use these strips regularly to test all our dogs so we will be “ahead” of any lurking issue.

Pixie and family, Houston, TX

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Know your pet’s health baseline!


Even the most caring and observant pet owners are sometimes taken by surprise to find out that their dog or cat has a serious illness  — and that it may have been coming on for some time.

That’s why it is so great to see that more and more pet owners are practicing preventative medicine and being more proactive with their pet’s healthcare.

Knowing your pet’s “normal” baseline provides great information.  Like us, dogs and cats can have their own “normal” that may vary somewhat from all the normal parameters on a home urine test.  This could be due to a specific diet they are eating ( if the diet is higher in protein, you may find that a trace value for protein is their normal).

The baseline can also vary depending on a wide variety of pre-existing conditions or previous health problems the animal experienced.  Any deviations from the baseline reading becomes very significant and provide important information to the observant pet owner! This is also information your veterinarian will want to be aware of as well.


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Rolling Dog Ranch #1 winner in Animal Rescue Contest

It’s finally official. The Rolling Dog Ranch in Montana won first place today in the Animal Rescue site contest, along with the $20,000 prize.

It’s great to see Alayne and Steve rewarded for the amazing work that they do for animals with disabilities. They write a blog every week day keeping people updated on what is going on at the Ranch.


You get to know Alayne and Steve and all the animals so personally–a wonderful way to start the day off. Sometimes the news is wonderful and sometimes sad. But knowing that these animals have found their way to RDR is the biggest reward.

It’s going to be a Happy Christmas in Ovando, Montana.

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Vote for Rolling Dog Ranch until December 20th

There are only 2 weeks left to vote on the Animal Rescue site for Rolling Dog Ranch in Montana.
Rolling Dog is still in first place to win the $20,000, but other organizations are moving in.

If you aren’t familiar with Rolling Dog Ranch, please check out their website www.rollingdogranch.org

They are the very last hope for handicapped dogs, cats and horses and provide them with a loving home for life. Their blog is delightful to read and a great way to start your day.

Please vote for RDR everyday until the contest ends on the 20th of December. It is an easy thing to do for some very well-deserving animals. To vote:


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