diagnosing a cat urinary tract disease

When our customers find the beginning of an illness with ThePetCheckup, it is often early stages of lower urinary tract disease. This is true for both cats and dogs, although it is more common in cats.

There are many causes of FLUTD, but the symptoms are very similar:

1. the most common is straining in the litterbox: cats will make frequent and repeated attempts to use the box although the amount of urine they pass is very small

2. urinating outside the litterbox: often they prefer cool surfaces such as bathtubs and tile floors. Many people don’t realize there is a problem until they find little puddles of urine around, sometimes containing blood.

I also have been reading about idiopathic lower urinary tract disease (Chloe was diagnosed with this once) and I will write more about this tomorrow. It is quite common.

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