More info on the new iOS method to test your pet’s urine

A customer asked us today if the urine cups for the iOS home test version are reusable.

Technically, they are. But each cup comes with a test strip embedded in the lid, so you do need to use a new test each time. The cup and test strip/lid come packaged together in each test.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the new product. It’s wonderful to be able to offer 2 versions now of our early detection test for dogs and cats.

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Testimony on the importance of practicing preventative healthcare with your pets

Most of our orders are placed online.  Sometimes when a customer calls, they have quite a story to tell.  And sometimes it is heartbreaking.

I remember well the man who told me he had no idea his beloved dog had advanced diabetes until one day she just fell off the couch.  She also become blind quickly and her vision was never restored.  He was so shocked because he had taken her for annual veterinary visits and she had not exhibited any signs of illness before this event.

He understood well the need for practicing preventative care and told me that he wished he had heard of ThePetCheckup earlier.

I do too.  We can’t make any guarantees regarding our product of course, but I know the monthly tests would have picked up imbalances and he would have been able to get his dog medical treatment much earlier in the development of the diabetes.


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Urine testing for pets with chronic diseases

Many of our customers have animals with chronic conditions.  Often, these dogs and cats require more frequent check-ups and tests by their veterinarians to monitor their health.

We always love it when a long-time (or new!) customer emails us to let us know the results of the most recent vet visit.  We received such an email this morning from a customer who’s dog is monitored for recurring kidney stones. She will be going for an ultrasound tomorrow.

It’s always interesting to hear what treatment protocols people are finding helpful.  This can be helpful too, when someone’s animal is newly diagnosed with a similar condition.


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ThePetCheckup customer profile

I am currently taking a series of classes in Social Marketing.

We were asked to profile our customers.

I consider our customers to be wonderful caregivers.  It is always a pleasure to speak with people who love their animals, treat them like family and provide such good care for them.

Two qualities I chose to describe our “typical” customer are:

1. They are proactive with their dog and cat’s health care.

2. They understand the importance of early detection in preventing and treating diseases.

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Dog and cat health…early detection is the best medicine

I just discovered that there is an alternative and complimentary medical dictionary online.

Below is the definition of early detection. Everyone agrees on this atleast.

(Noun) In complementary, conventional, and natural medicine, the act of discovering a disorder or disease before it has fully developed.

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