Kidney infection in cats

If anyone has  a very “delicate” cat (my Chloe, for instance) you know that it is critical to keep their immune system strong.  A weakened immune system can be a contributing factor for a host of illnesses.

A main cause of kidney infections in cats is bacteria. A cat with a strong immune system will  eliminate the bacteria before it has a chance to grow and potentially spread to the bladder, kidneys or urethra.

In animals that are very young, older or have weakened immunity, the bacteria can grow quite quickly and become a serious illness.

Kidney infections can be a secondary disease when a primary disease already exists.

Most common symptoms:  inability to urinate, pain while urinating, loss of appetite, fatigue and blood in the urine.


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Using ThePetCheckup for secondary illnesses

Some of our customers have animals who have been diagnosed with diabetes, autoimmune diseases or other illnesses that require long-term attention.

When a dog or cat has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, their physiology is often compromised in some way and they may be more susceptible to secondary illnesses, especially infections.

ThePetCheckup is an invaluable tool in these situations as it is an easy way to keep close tabs on what is going on with your animal and to catch potential problems in the very beginning stages.

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