Chemical pesticides on lawns are dangerous to your pet’s health

ThePetCheckup is a wonderful tool for practicing early detection of health care issues for our dogs and cats, but there are other preventative actions that are important to take as well.

Exposing our animals to chemical pesticides on lawns has very dangerous consequences.  Because animals are so close to the ground and because of their small size, licking paws, playing with toys that have been laying on the grass or any other contact with chemicals can be very dangerous.

Don’t let your animal’s health be compromised everytime they go outside. Keep your yard free of potentially dangerous toxins and always be aware of where your dog or cat is walking or playing.

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Pet kidney health….protecting your dog and cat’s health

An important reason to feed your dog or cat the best quality food you can is to help the kidneys with their job of filtering toxins from your pet’s body through the urinary tract system.  As your animal ages, the kidneys have to work harder to filter toxins, so it is much easier on their system to have less toxins to filter.

Purifying their diet ~  food and water and treats ~puts less stress on your animal’s kidneys.

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