Practicing early detection for your pet is easy to do at home

My cat Roo is alive today because of ThePetCheckup.  I had huge medical expenses for his urinary tract infection, chronic diarrhea, coccidia – plus antibiotics and anti coccidia meds. I felt desperate. Any little stress causes this cascade of symptoms in him and he was only 8 months old.
Then I found ThePetCheckup!

Being able to test him myself, I caught his urinary infection early!!  This saves me so much money.
Roo is now 6 yrs old and frisky and healthy.

I credit his improved health to ThePetCheckup!
Thank you!

Kim O., Texas

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Understanding dog cat urine reagent tests

One thing to note about purchasing bottles of urine reagents (often called dip sticks) is that the reliability is compromised by the air, sunlight etc. every time the lid is opened.

Bottles of strips are made to be used up in 3-4 months. If the pet owner is testing often–every day or every other day as if often the case when an animal has been diagnosed with diabetes…then there will not be a problem.

But for preventative care, if the bottle is opened every few weeks, then in just a few months, they results may no longer be effective. That is why it is critical to have specially packaged test strips if you are using the strips to practice preventative medicine.

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Pet Urine Test

Each week we ship orders of ThePetCheckup to overseas customers and have found that the U.S. Postal Service has been the most reliable.

The biggest problem that we had was in a shipment to Brazil which actually took 3 months to get there. Our customer said that was the standard time and sure enough, at about the 3 month mark, her package was delivered.

I was thinking it would probably be best not to ship to Brazil again, but the customer likes the product so much, she has already ordered refills. She’s willing to wait for them to arrive, so it will be interesting to see how long her package takes this time.

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Pet home urine test reveals critical signs of illness

People are often surprised when they learn the range of illnesses that a pet urinalysis test can indicate.

A urine test for dogs and cats can show indications of some of the most common illnesses that affect our dog’s and cat’s health, including: diabetes, kidney infection, kidney disease, urinary tract infection, bladder disease, autoimmune diseases, bacterial infections, hepatitis and other liver diseases, and prostate diseases.

Of course, there are many illnesses that are revealed through other methods of testing: heart conditions, tumors, skin diseases, arthritic conditions, and many cancers for example. No one test can test for everything that can happen with our pet’s health.

Still, a urinalysis test for dogs and cats is an important foundation of the yearly health checkup, so I always encourage people to have a urine test done at the veterinary clinic every 6 or 12 months (and, of course, use ThePetCheckup at home on a monthly basis!).

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