Urine reagent strips for dogs and cats

One of our repeat customers asked about shipping ThePetCheckup refills during their  hot Texas weather.  They were concerned that the extreme temperatures might affect the accuracy of the test results.

While urine reagent test strips can be affected by very extreme heat such as a direct blast from a heat seal gun, TPC strips will not be affected by weather.  The special packaging of each test strip ensures their accuracy for home testing.

This packaging was critical in the development of the product.

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Dog and cat urine test helps protect your pet’s health

Veterinarians rely on the information you provide them to help protect your pet’s good health. Using ThePetCheckup monthly between routine exams may help you and your veterinarian catch small problems before they become big problems.

Also, just like us, our pet’s bodies vary regarding what is “normal” for each individual animal. Results from ThePetCheckup along with your observations of your animal’s behavior will help your veterinarian establish a baseline picture of what represents “normal” good health for your own animal companion.  And by continuing with the simple test each month, you will be able to see if the test results vary from the baseline information.

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Test showed blood in dog’s urine

Another one of our customers called this week to thank us for ThePetCheckup.

They were surprised to find that the test showed blood in their dog Emma’s urine. It was a moderate amount and after taking Emma to the vet, the diagnosis was a urinary tract infection. Because ThePetCheckup catches potential illnesses before symptoms appear, they were able to catch it very early and the treatment should be simple and effective.

Urinary tract infections in both dogs and cats are really common…wish there were some statistics to see if the numbers may be increasing. I know Kate had one awhile back…the only illness that she has ever had since she was rescued almost 2 years ago.

There are other causes for a positive test result for blood….stones, tumor, internal injuries–or even something as relatively harmless as chewing some tough grass that caused an irritation to the lining of the digestive system.

The important point is that blood is not normal in the urine and should always be checked out by a veterinarian.

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