Home urine test for pets 2013 pricing

We are happy to say that it looks like the pricing for ThePetCheckup complete kit and for the 6, 12 and 24 refills will remain the same going into 2013.

One of our goals has always been to keep ThePetCheckup pricing in an affordable range.  We had one small price increase a few years ago when our manufacturer added the ‘Leukocyte’ parameter to the test strip, but since then we have been able to keep the pricing the same.

With the cost of everything going up — postage, raw materials, packaging materials, etc., it is challenging.  So we are very happy to share this good news!!

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Dog and Cat Urinary tract infections: leukocytes and nitrites

A positive reading for Leukocytes or Nitrites on the urine test is cause for consulting your veterinarian for further testing to confirm a urinary tract infection.

Positive reading for Leukocytes means that there are white blood cells (WBC) in the urinary tract.  White blood cells enter the urinary tract when there is an infection in order to “stand guard” and ward off further infection.

Because bacteria produces Nitrite, there is usually a positive reading on the Nitrite value as well. If there is no Nitrite present, it is generally because there is not enough bacteria in the urine to cause Nitrites to be produced.

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