Home urine testing for pets leads to indications of common and also uncommon dog and cat illnesses.

Before symptoms appear is the key here!!

ThePetCheckup provides important indications of potential diseases including:  kidney disease, urinary tract disease, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, kidney infections, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, urinary bladder disease, auto-immune disease, Cushing’s disease, prostate diseases, hepatitis and other liver conditions.

Our veterinary consultants advise that the tests be done on a monthly basis between routine veterinary visits to catch potential problems before symptoms appear.

We have also had customers report to us that their veterinarians were able to detect some pretty uncommon illnesses because of early red flags from ThePetCheckup test. Seeing an imbalance with the monthly test led to further veterinary testing and potential serious illnesses were detected at early stages.  This has been the case with some liver conditions that have been reported to us. And the treatment has been successful which is so wonderful to hear!

Thank you to our customers for their feedback…..we love hearing from you!

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Lily has incident with elevated liver enzymes

Just as we were leaving for Boston on Friday nite before Labor Day, Lily started throwing up. It was quite intense and was followed by alot of drooling.

We brought her to a 24 hour emergency animal hospital in Dennis. After a wait of a few hours, we were seen and a blood sample was taken. By that time, she had stopped vomiting, drooling, and actually looked pretty good.

The blood work came back showing her very dehydrated and with 2 liver values out of the normal range. We opted to watch her carefully over the weekend and then bring her to her own vet the next week.

The follow up blood work showed hydration was normal, and although one of the liver values was a bit high, her vet said that it was not unexpected for her age and was still in the normal range.

So, another mystery acute illness. We all think that she ate something bad outside when we weren’t looking, but have no idea what.

It is great to have a Veterinary Emergency clinic. You could end up waiting a long time to be seen, as there is often only one vet on call and they will take critical emergencies first.

Still reassuring to have this available as I am sure all the people filling the waiting room on Labor Day weekend were feeling.

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