Signs of lyme disease in your dog

Many of us right now are experiencing extremely hot and muggy temperatures.  Our pets are affected by this weather and generally will be more lethargic than usual.

But it is important to make sure that there isn’t something more than the weather affecting them.  It’s easy to check for the signs of a possible lyme disease infection:

1. The first sign is lack of energy.  You may notice that your pet may suddenly become less playful.

2.  Fever.  Your pet may have a fever over 102 and swollen glands.  She or he may start limping.  You may also notice that your pet’s joints are swollen or even seem hot to the touch.  The symptoms are similar to someone who has arthritis.

It’s easy to keep an eye out for these things when we are massaging or combing our dogs and cats.  Lethargy and pain in the joints need further investigation.

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