Children who grow up with pets are at lower risk for obesity and allergies

There is more and more research coming out on the benefits of a wide exposure to a variety of microorganisms. Below is an interesting study about the positive effects of being born into a family with dogs and cats.

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University of Alberta, Canada study of 700 children (published in the journal Microbiome) found that babies exposed in the womb or born into homes with dogs and cats recorded an “abundance” of the microbes ruminococcus and oscillospira, the latter of which is associated with leanness or a lower body mass index.

It is believed that this kind of early exposure to bacteria creates a type of resistance. The study further suggests that exposure to dogs and cats significantly lowers the risk of group B strep – which causes blood infection, pneumonia and meningitis in newborns.

There is more and more research coming out on the benefits of a wide exposure to a variety of microorganisms.

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Wellness and preventative care for dogs and cats too

With all this talk about health care reform, there have been some very encouraging articles about companies that are implementing wellness programs and preventative care strategies for their employees.

Some of the things are so simple, yet really effective….encouraging people to use the stairs instead of elevators, taking the junk food out of vending machines, serving healthier snacks at meetings, etc.

It looks like there is going to be a big wave of people becoming more responsible for their own health. This will extend to the care of dogs and cats too which is really great.

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Preventing Dog Urinary Tract Infections

There are some really basic things that every caregiver can do to help prevent canine urinary tract infections:

** provide plenty of fresh water and make sure that your dog is drinking enough every day

**allow frequent access outside so that your dog can urinate and prevent bacteria from building up in the bladder

**walk at least once a day as this will stimulate your dog’s bladder

**bathe with a gentle, high quality shampoo with natural ingredients

Despite the best of care, the truth is that urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are quite common in dogs — and they can exist for sometime before anyone notices signs of illness. And the longer the infection lasts, the more severe it can become…sometimes infecting other organs. So your dog may be very ill by the time you are aware that something is wrong.

Using preventative health care measures (like ThePetCheckup monthly) can avoid many of the problems associated with urinary tract infections.

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Practicing preventative health care with our dogs and cats

One of the great perks about being the owner of a company that sells a preventative health care product for pets is that I get to speak with lots of wonderful people about their dogs and cats.

Our customers tend to be people who share a deep bond with their animal companions. They practice preventative health care and understand the importance of early detection. It is always fun and also illuminating to share different ideas and products that we have found helpful in protecting our animals’ health. I have a bond with so many people throughout the world now who share many of the same values and goals for animals as I do.

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