Causes of Dog and Cat Urinary Tract Infections

There are many possible causes of urinary tract infections in dogs and cats, and growing evidence that one may be stress.

I have seen evidence of this with my cat Chloe.  She is a sensitive cat and has been through several health challenges in her life.  When I am away for any length of time, I seem to come back home and within a few days discover that she has a urinary tract infection.

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Diabetic dogs and cats living longer and healthier lives

We are hearing from more and more of our customers who are caregivers to a dog or cat with diabetes.

Animals that have a chronic health condition often have more compromised immune systems, so caregivers have to be even more alert for symtoms of secondary conditions developing.

With diabetes, infections are a common conditions that can develop: urinary tract infections, skin infections, and respiratory infections. If caught early, these conditions are very treatable.

Diabetic dogs and cats require close monitoring, and I look forward to the day when we can eliminate this disease, but it is heartwarming to hear how well many of these animals are doing.

With a cousin who passed away last year from complications of diabetes, I am very aware of how serious this disease can be.

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Preventing Dog Urinary Tract Infections

There are some really basic things that every caregiver can do to help prevent canine urinary tract infections:

** provide plenty of fresh water and make sure that your dog is drinking enough every day

**allow frequent access outside so that your dog can urinate and prevent bacteria from building up in the bladder

**walk at least once a day as this will stimulate your dog’s bladder

**bathe with a gentle, high quality shampoo with natural ingredients

Despite the best of care, the truth is that urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are quite common in dogs — and they can exist for sometime before anyone notices signs of illness. And the longer the infection lasts, the more severe it can become…sometimes infecting other organs. So your dog may be very ill by the time you are aware that something is wrong.

Using preventative health care measures (like ThePetCheckup monthly) can avoid many of the problems associated with urinary tract infections.

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Dog Urinary Tract Infection

I came across an interesting statistic today regarding urinary tract infections in dogs.

According to the information I read, 20-50% of dogs who have experienced a urinary tract infection will have a recurrence of the infection at some point during their lifetime. This makes it extremely important to be vigilant for signs that the problem may be resurfacing.

A special diet tailored to the individual needs of the dog, along with an alert caregiver, can prevent the infection from recurring.

Anyone who has ever experienced a urinary tract infection, knows how painful it can be. I would think dogs feel a similar kind of discomfort which makes it really important to prevent the infection, or at least to catch it very early.

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