Regular home urine testing helps dog with recurring Urinary Tract Infections

“I am delighted to give a review on ThePetCheckup!! Our Whippet Fiona was continually getting UTI’s. The Vet said it could partially be due to her having such a tiny bladder.

I have taken her back for her shots, and told them about ThePetCheckup. They said it’s just like what they use in their office. They were glad to know that we are keeping a check on her so we can catch a problem early, should it arise again. If we have any doubts, like thinking her urine looks a little dark, or any kinds of questionable signs, we go ahead and do another test, even if it hasn’t been a month.

So far, she has not had any more problems in relation to a UTI, but it gives us such peace of mind to be able to check it ourselves. PLUS, it has saved us a lot of money by not taking her to the Vet every time we wonder if there is a problem. We order refills every time we get close to the end of the kit and we plan to do so for as long as we have our dog.

I highly recommend ThePetCheckup to anyone who has pets with problems or just plain cares about their pet to get yourself a kit. It doesn’t have to be just for UTI problems, because it screens for many other diseases as well. It’s well worth it to find out in advance if your pet is developing a health issue that you can catch early and get them the care they need.

It’s reasonably priced and easy to do!! Thank you ThePetCheckup for giving us the resources to keep such a close watch on Fiona!” fiona

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Urinary Incontinence in dogs

This is a troubling situation for pet owners and takes some investigation to determine the cause. 

There are some medications that will cause a dog to leak urine ~ especially during sleep.  When the course of the medication is over, the condition often goes away.

Sometimes, urinary incontinence is simply due to the aging process. Older female dogs weighing more than 40 pounds are the most common group to experience this condition.

There are treatments available now which have  proven to be quite effective  and  many pet owners find that they do not have to give the medication continually. For some, the condition does not come back.  And for others, several months can go by without needing to give the dog any medication.

It is also important to rule out possible illnesses such as diabetes, or urinary tract infections. This is generally done with urine and blood testing.

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preventing dog urinary tract infections the stree-free way

There are several easy things that a pet parent can do to help prevent urinary and bladder infections in their dog. 

One that often gets overlooked is keeping the stress level low in our pets environment. Dogs and cats are very sensitive to our emotions and often pick up our feelings of tension and worry.  Just like with us humans, stress can weaken the immune system and make it more susceptible to illness.

All animals have atleast one favorite place where they like to relax when they aren’t with us. Make sure you know what those areas are and make sure they are easily accessible to them throughout the day.

Everyone needs a relaxing place to go to unwind!

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