ThePetCheckup pet urine test especially helpful in extreme weather conditions

With the excessively warm weather that many of us are enduring, it is important to keep a close eye on our pets.

In the high humidity, most dogs and cats are pretty lethargic – spending more time sleeping and resting.  It is important to make sure that there is not an underlying cause for the lethargy such as a kidney or urinary tract infection.

Using ThePetCheckup monthly is important any time of year, but especially so in extreme weather conditions that could be masking a potential problem.

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at home urine pet health kit

We got another wonderful testimonial for ThePetCheckup. It is so great to be helping so many people avoid serious urinary tract infections in their dogs and cats. Besides being a potentially serious health condition, they can sure cause their people alot of worry…not to mention cleanup!

I would LOVE to recommend this product!!! My 4 1/2 year old “Princess” has had horrible problems with urinary tract infections and crystal formations in the past.
Before I had heard of ThePetCheckup, I had to just wait until she showed signs of straining or had accidents in the house! Now that I regularly use ThePetCheckup, I can catch any irregularities before she shows signs of pain.
Thank you for giving me peace of mind with the ThePetCheckup!—T.U., Raleigh, NC

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