Step Two

Collecting a urine sample

The manual gives you several suggestions/tips for collecting a urine sample from dogs and from cats—starting with simply observing your animal’s habits to determine which method might work best for you. You need only about a teaspoon to conduct the test and there is no pressure from having to get a sample by a particular time.

Many of our customers start out by using one of the suggestions in the manual for collecting urine and then quickly come up with their own creative ideas which works best for them.

For all cat owners: Check out the Smart Cat Box at: for an easy way to collect a urine sample from your cat. When your cat urinates, the urine flows through non-absorbant litter through a slotted floor and into a covered removable urine collection drawer. Just pull the drawer out and take your urine sample from there. It's easy to test! Easy to clean! And easy on the environment! (Note: when ordering please enter TPC11 in the "where did you hear about us" box.)

Here is some feedback we have received:

“One of our dogs, Gus, has had a chronic bladder problem, and we’ve found ThePetCheckup to be very helpful in checking on his health. It is incredibly easy to use. I simply use a plastic-coated paper plate to collect his urine (he doesn’t notice a thing), apply the urine to the strip, compare the colors on the strip with the colors on the chart, and very quickly know whether or not he needs a trip to the veterinarian. It is such an easy way to monitor his health that I have started using it on our other animals. ThePetCheckup really works for us.” 

Diane Bolte-Silverman, President,
Board of Directors Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation, Fairfield, IA

“Thank you for sending me ThePetCheckup kit so promptly. I followed the suggestions in the manual for collecting a urine sample from my cat Violet and found the whole process to be very simple and straightforward. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Although Violet has been quite healthy her entire life (she is now 8 years old), I still tend to worry about her health. The test is actually fun to do and it gives me a nice feeling of comfort to know that I am able to give her this added care.” 

J.B., Brooklyn, NY,
website designer

“When I want to do ThePetCheckup test, I find it very easy to collect a urine sample from my two cats. As suggested in the manual, I started by watching their habits more closely. I saw that one of my cats heads towards the kitty pan as I am getting his food ready in the morning and I put a plastic garbage bag over the top of the litter before he steps into the pan. After he has finished using the litterbox, I take a few droppersful in a plastic cup to do the test. It required a little planning the first time, but now it is simply an easy routine I do once a month. It is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep them healthy. Thanks for making this great product!” 

Claudia Roscamp,
media  buyer

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